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Entertainment Spotlight: Excape Games

This weekend we had some friends from out of town come in and we knew we wanted to do something different, not the redundant dinner, movie, fire pit social. My friend and I tend to have an ever-growing list of things that we want to do and on that list was the Excape Games.

What is the Excape Games?

Typically you have one hour to escape a room with different challenges throughout the hour. When you solve one, you get another. Your job is trying to figure out clues to lead you to your next puzzle in order to escape within the hour. Don’t worry, if at any point in time you need to leave the room you can hit an exit button, however this does not freeze your time. From combination locks, hidden clues, and that one object in the room that you think has nothing to do with the game, you must put it all together and figure your way out!


The signup was super easy. We just went to the website and read the description, or “theme”, of each game. Select the one you want, how many people will be in your group, and check out. So easy!

We selected the Amnesia game which we were later told is one of their hardest. With five out of six people in our group being first time Excapers, I want to say we did pretty good! The description of the game:

You wake up in a strange cabin. You have no memory of who you are or how you got there. You have one hour to piece together the missing details before your captor returns.


Throughout the game you are able to ask for three clues. I know at one point we attempted a combination on one of the locks and though it didn’t open instead of letting us just dismiss that and try to search aimlessly for the next clue a message came on screen that said that the combo was right and to try it again. Second try was a charm!

Luckily, they don’t want you getting hung up on the different locks. Prior to going into the game room they run a short video to explain how to use the different locks so you don’t spend the whole hour trying to figure out one lock that you were using wrong.


Unfortunately we didn’t manage to escape, however we all agreed we wanted to wait a while and then try to see if we can escape Amnesia on the second go around.

My friends and I had so much fun though! It was interesting to see how each one of us contributed something different in our mission to escape. It also brought to our attention how many things we overlook in passing.

I won’t give away any clues to the room but I know that at one point I had looked at something which was needed for one of our “puzzles” and completely overlooked one tiny little detail but then later we needed that one tiny little detail for another “puzzle”!

I seriously cannot wait to go again. Next time I will have to drag along my over-analytical husband and see how well he does under the pressure!

And guess what!? If you go between October 27-31 you can get 20% off + a free clue! If you wear a costume, you will be entered in to the costume contest for your chance to win a free game. Head over to their Facebook for more details.

Have you tried to “excape” yet? If so tell me your thoughts!


Excape Games (Clarksville) Contact Info:

1943B Fort Campbell Blvd. Clarksville, TN 37042


Facebook or Website

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